Break away from the digital crowd.

Combining conception, design and development, we solve digital puzzles. And we do it in a totally unique way.

We create websites for people with bright ideas and one-of-a-kind businesses.

Your business is just as unique as you are, so why would you want your website to look like all the rest? It's time to do your own thing!

Your personal team will come up with a custom concept and design, before making the whole thing a reality. Meanwhile, you can get on with doing what you do best: running your business.

A Ui Designer of The Puzzlers working on their laptop

The first designs are ready!

A project manager of The Puzzers

Our client loves them 😃 We're good to go!

A Programmer working for The Puzzlers

Let’s start programming.

Your website.
Your story.

Website Example of a german restaurant

"Bistro Pur"

As restaurant owners, the COVID-19 crisis hit us really hard, but The Puzzlers helped us to tap into new markets.



For more stories, explore our showcase.

It's usually very expensive to build a personalised website because you need a wide range of people with a wide range of skills.

This means that they've always been pretty inaccessible to small businesses. Until now.

We work with optimised processes, state-of-the-art software and creative people who adore working with small and independent businesses. This gives you the opportunity to have your very own unique website. And with no down payment! You only need to pay for your website for as long as you need it.

€29 per month

Fast. Unique. Future-focussed.

Each website uses the latest technology and is ready fast. We do all this while providing the highest levels of customer service. You’ll never have to worry about going offline and we take care of backups and privacy policies.

And have we mentioned that we don't use design templates? Your website will be completely unique. Just like you.

Never off the shelf.

Concepts and designs tailored to your business. Always unique. We don't take a cookie-cutter approach.

Online in no time.

Our team of professionals uses optimised processes, meaning we have quick turnaround times.

A range of services included.

From hosting to data protection. We make sure that your website stays online and secure.

Clients of The Puzzlers using the CMS

Manage your content!

Websites should always be easy to update without messing up the layout of your pages. Our content management software (CMS) synchronises your content with the website's design, making it easy to manage.

We put all the puzzle pieces together

A global network of creatives and developers allows us to produce the best websites for our clients. We offer everything from original ideas to content management software. Wit every project we offer people on-the-spot training and help everyone to navigate the digital world.

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