We work globally and think locally.

A team of specialists using innovative processes and clever algorithms will get you online fast. And the whole time, there's only one thing on our mind: you.

A diverse, international team with only one goal: to support small businesses.

Small businesses are the backbone of any society – both culturally and economically. But these businesses tend to be at a disadvantage when it comes to creating a unique brand identity. They simply don't have the resources to hire all the services they need.

Having navigated this difficult landscape ourselves, we at the Puzzlers are very aware of these issues and we've created a system that grants people like you access to the latest technology and creative services.

The Puzzlers working  in their office

"Best decision"

Many of us used to work for big companies. We know what it's like to leave behind a steady wage and endless meetings for a life of independence and creative freedom.

Basically, one day I just decided I'd had enough. As a freelancer, I got to work with a wide range of businesses, but the fact that I was always on the hunt for new clients, kind of got in the way of my creative process.

So, I was really excited when the Puzzlers spoke to me about working full-time to support small businesses with bright ideas. It's turned out to be the best career decision I've ever made.

UI Designer

Maya Robbinson

As well as giving creative people an alternative to 'normal' agency jobs, we're also trying to make education and training more widely accessible.

Tech companies set a high bar when it comes to the people they hire. Particularly in the field of design and development, employees need to rely on high levels of personal initiative in order to keep up. Universities and other formal educational institutions don’t always do a great job of preparing people for this. They think it's too difficult to tailor courses to match an industry that's constantly changing. This inevitably means that people are forced to set aside time to educate themselves independently and to do this you need a substantial amount of financial backing. Most people don't have access to that.

What we do is cutting-edge and by working with us on small projects, you'll learn the kind of skills you need to enter the world of tech.

We've intentionally set up our business so that we're always training new people for roles in the tech industry. Obviously, we don't position ourselves as a formal educational institution, because it would be really expensive for us to do so, but what we can do is promote the act of skill-sharing. So, for example, we can help illustrators to train as UI designers by offering their graphic design expertise to our clients.

Human kind.

  • We're now living in an interconnected world where personal data is currency. That's why we're very careful when it comes to privacy.

    If you take a look at our privacy policy, you'll notice that there isn't much to it. There's a simple reason for this: collecting data isn't part of our business model. For example, we don't integrate any Google services.

    That being said, we don't believe in making sacrifices when it comes to usability. We do use website analytics and personalised settings. But we don't go following you around the internet when you're done.

    The same goes for our servers. Instead of relying on server infrastructures provided by Amazon, Google and Microsoft, we support small vendors from across the globe. All of our critical processes take place at a server located in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. It's also really important to us that all our servers are powered by green energy.

    Our founders have a wide range of skills and come from completely different educational backgrounds.

    From completing apprenticeships in catering and the creative sector, to studying economics at a hotel management school and years of experience as a freelancer and programming enthusiasts.

    Oh, and also teaching at Brusov State University in Yerevan, Armenia. Basically, Carolin and Damian are anything but boring.

    Both of them are from families that founded small businesses and, in 2019, they joined forces, combining their networks and establishing The Puzzlers. Before that, they worked as a consultant for SMEs and ran a design agency.

    Portrait Carolin Maisenbacher
    Portrait Damian Hutter

    Do you have questions?

    Where are you based?

    Mostly in front of a computer screen... But our company is based in Berlin and our team is spread out across the world.

    Do all Puzzlers work as your employees?

    Some do, some don't. We work with a lot of freelancers who are spread out across the globe.

    Are you looking for new talent?

    Always! Whether you're a freelancer or interested in joining our team. And don't worry if you don't have any experience of working in the tech industry, we're happy to train you up.

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