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Individual websites give you online an advantage and we develop them with passion for you. What you have to do for it? Write a few lines about yourself.

The best products are created when clients and agencies see eye to eye. But at the end of the day, most decisions are made on the basis of money. Not with us. We put our values first.


Whereas big companies have to create their stories, people can just tell them off their hearts. We will set the scene for your story in a way that is true to you.

Ethical practices.

By this, we're not talking about becoming certified as organic or anything, we mean that as a business we're conscious of the impact our practices have on the world.

Visionary thinking.

Good businesses know that chasing profit isn't particularly rewarding. It's passion that really keeps us going.

By keeping our prices low, we've put ourselves in the fortunate position of being able to seek out people we really want to work with. People who trust us and who, in turn make us want to get creative and show off what we can do.

"Ein paar Zeilen"

I found it really easy to write a couple of lines about myself. During the first call it became really clear why they wanted me to write about myself:

Everything was focused on me as a person and that really comes across when you look at my new website.



Take the first step!

Write a short client brief telling us what drives you. We want to know what you do and why you do it. And don't worry, we're not looking for an essay here. A couple of sentences will do just fine.

So, what are our own values? What are we really passionate about?

Our vision is to unite small businesses and tech industry experts. Whenever the opportunity arises, we use our projects to provide more people with access to free education related directly to the tech industry.

At the same time, we’re constantly developing our software so that we don’t need to collect so much of your data, and we make sure all our servers are run using green energy.

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