The first content management system specifically developed for small businesses.

Our software makes it child's play to change the content of your website. It allows you to edit texts and image without altering the design and warns you if you're about to reach maximum capacity for what a page can accommodate.

Concentrate on your content. The design will take care of itself.

Die Welt braucht dich.


Updated content on your website.

image of a successfully updated website.

"Easy Peasy"

My site is easy to update and the CMS is synced up to the design. It means that everything is always the right size and in the right place!


Marco Walz

You’ll receive a warning if your changes don’t work with the design.

Die Welt braucht dich.


Your web page would be displayed incorrectly. The changes are therefore not accepted.

image of an unsuccessfully updated website.


I used to have professional-looking pages, but it was really frustrating trying to update them. Everything was so fragile and I was constantly on my guard, trying to make sure I didn't ruin them. Now that I work with the Puzzlers, updates basically take care of themselves.

Restaurant Owner

Ella Beck

image of the admin dashboard for our customers.

We streamline our system so that you only end up with the functions that are relevant to you.

Wordpress, today's most commonly used CMS, started out as a system for people who want to publish blog posts quickly. It's now become a one-stop-shop for building big websites, offering everything from design tools to online shops. But, as a result of this, it's extremely confusing to use.

That's why we streamline our CMS to make sure we're only providing you with the functions you'll actually need.

Security updates, servers and data protection. We'll ensure that your website stays online and secure.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, we're constantly facing new challenges when it comes to security and privacy. That's why we regularly update our servers and we’ll ensure that your privacy policy always meets current standards.

CMS Development

"All secure"

I've always found data protection exhausting. In 2018 alone, I had to change my privacy policy three times and each time it took me a whole day to work out what I should add and what I should take out. I'm so glad that's going to happen automatically from now on!


Nicola Meyer

We're constantly updating our CMS to ensure that we can offer you the best experience.

Save ideas for later.

Your phone rings and suddenly you don't have time to update your website. Not a problem. Simply save your work and come back later.

Schedule content.

If it's not quite the right moment to release new content, you can simply schedule it to publish automatically at a later date.

Dual language functionality.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? You're in luck! It's easy to switch the CMS from English to German.

Do you have questions?

Can I change the design of my website in the CMS?

No. We're of the opinion that handling functionality and design separately is in our client's best interests. If you'd like to make changes to the design, you can always contact us.

Will you teach me how to use your CMS?

Absolutely! Once the development phase is complete, our project leader will hand your new website over to you and provide a short introduction to our CMS.

What does CMS mean?

CMS is short for Content Management System and it's a type of software that allows you to modify the content of your website.

Can I install plugins?

Yes and no. We offer a wide range of specialised add-ons that are similar to plugins, but belong to a slightly different system. This means we provide everything from integrated maps to analytics tools. However, in order to ensure that these add-ons fully align with your design, we need to update them ourselves.

Do I have to pay extra for the CMS?

No! It comes included with every Puzzlers website.

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