Give your brand that special something with custom pieces. Online and offline.

Our network of artists, copywriters and designers creates special pieces, just for you. And we offer all this using the same transparent pricing structure we've created for our websites.

image of a 3D designed hand.
image of an illustrated exclamation mark.
image of an illustrated face of a pig.

We work with a wide range of artists from illustrators to 3D designers.

Whether you're looking for a classic watercolour piece or a modern three-dimensional object, we'll help you to refine your brand visuals by creating something new or modernising what you have.

€69 per element

Professional marketing copy is the key to a brand's success.

As we all know, publishing the right text at the right time can work wonders. You're safe in the hands of our copywriters who will find the best ways to communicate your big ideas in the form of an engaging and compelling written text. Or if you're comfortable writing your own copy, we can hook you up with a proofreader to cast a professional eye over your work.

€29 per page

Good images are common, but professional retouching makes them stand out.

From brightening to retouching, our graphic designers bring out the very best in your pictures, so that you can use them across all your different media channels.

€10 per image
image of an unedited image.
image of an edited image.

Our graphic designers can help you with complex tasks. Whether that's logo development or creating a flyer.

We have a substantial amount of experience when it comes to branding and print materials. This means we're the perfect fit to support you through your re-brand or launch for a new product.

€150 per project
image of a logo we've created for our customer.
image of an illustrated products.
image of different productdesigns we did for a client.

How you pay for your customised pieces is up to you. You can split the cost across 12 instalments or make a single payment.

We want to offer our clients the chance to utilise creative services, allowing them to kit out their websites and brands with professional copy and add those final flourishes. That's why we allow you to pay for all these services in 12 monthly installments. Regardless of which payment option you choose, you'll own all the rights to the customised work and be able to use it however you like. Whether that's on a flyer or somewhere else entirely.

3d element of a paper hat.
modern vector illustration of a man riding a bike.

Even if custom artwork isn't in your budget, we're not going to leave you out in the cold!

We've got a whole library of different graphics – and they're all free! Unlike custom pieces, these can be used by multiple clients, so you may encounter them somewhere else on the internet. However, we'll make sure that, overall, your website has enough unique elements that your business will still stand out from the crowd.

photography of a bowl of walnuts.
image of a ballon shaped like a rocket.
modern vector illustration of a rocket launching from a laptop.

Do you have questions?

Can I use the custom pieces that have been made for me across other media platforms?

Yes, you own all the rights to the work, which means you can use them outside the context of your website.

Can I use the free graphics from your library across other media platforms?

No. Unlike custom pieces, these graphics are only available for use on your website.

I don't know how much content I need or if my content is good enough for my website.

No worries, we'll look over all your content and provide an honest evaluation. We'll also discuss the scope of your content with you in person during the conception phase.

How long will I have to wait to receive custom work?

It depends what kind of capacity our artists, copywriters and designers have at any time. In most cases, we're able to deliver the first pieces within a week. Photo editing, on the other hand, usually only takes a few hours.

Even if I don't have a Puzzlers website, can I still order illustrations through you?

Absolutely. We're always open to these kinds of enquiries.

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