Our subscriptions are packed with services and based on the scope of your website.

Our process gives small businesses the chance to benefit from having their own customised website without having to pay thousands of euros upfront for the privilege.

Core services that work for everyone. Whether you're looking for a small website or a big one.


A direct point of contact means that your queries are always answered. Whether it's through chat, email or over the phone, everything is quick and easy.


We don't just design a new unique website for you, we also come up with a suitable marketing concept. This allows you to connect with the right kind of audience.


Creative people using the latest technology will ensure that visiting your website is an unforgettable experience. From hosting to security updates and privacy policies, everything is included.


Once we've handed your new website over to you, it's easy to manage your own content using our software. The design automatically adapts to suit your changes.

Single page websites.

Most people who've never had their own website before assume that they'll need one with loads of subpages, but that's often not really the case. More often a compact website presents your information most clearly. For example, Apple uses single page websites for all its products.

Business card.

From organic farmers to musicians, our digital business cards give client’s a foundation on which to build their online presence. It’s everything you need to get started.

€29 per month
€35 per month
Business Card website of independent texter.


With more sections than our business card, this website gives you more space to express yourself. Perfect for bistros, all kinds of service providers and young startups looking to make their mark in an industry.

€69 per month
€79 per month
Website of a small producer of canned fish.


This is the best choice for businesses that want to describe their services in detail or really get people to understand the philosophy behind their brand. With up to 10 content blocks, there's space for everything.

€99 per month
€115 per month
Startup website that tries to connect small businesses

More pages. More space.

Websites with lots of subpages make the most sense if you've got lots of complex information that needs to be displayed separately. The site you're on right now is an example of a multi-page website. We went for this option because, in or case, a single page website would have been too confusing.


If you're trying to explain an innovative product or concept, you'll usually need a comprehensive page structure. That's exactly what you get with our multi-page websites. You also have the option to order more pages.

€129 per month
€145 per month
Multi Page website of a restaurant that produces its own products.

We'll go through all the options with you before you pick a plan. This way we can make sure you're getting what you really need.

TopUps hugely increase the functionality of your website. Easily book them on top.

If you're looking to add a little spice to your site, then TopUps are just what you need! They help to impress your visitors and to create new business opportunities. TopUps have a minimum term of 1 year.

€31.50 per month
€35 per month

Interactive map view.

Visualise your partners, resources and recommendations through an interactive map. Making it easy for your visitors to gain an overview over your business and its distribution channels.


Optimised portfolios let you present your work in a unique way. We will handle the whole programming and design part of it and even built a system that lets you update everything easily.

Product catalogue.

An interactive directory offering detailed product information gives visitors a quick overview of what you have to offer. Transform your website into its very own distribution channel.

Reservation tool.

Whether you own a yoga studio or a restaurant, we make it quick and easy to accept reservations. Automated messaged will inform you about new reservation and your customer don't need to pay anything upfront to make one.

Modules are smaller features that add value to your website.

Make information more readily available to your visitors and, by doing so, increase the chances of them using your service, buying your product or stopping by your place of business.

€13.50 per month
€15 per month

Multiple languages.

If you serve international customers, we can make your website available in multiple languages. You can make any changes as usual using the CMS.

Location Map.

Our implementation of customised maps will bring your unique website to another level. Making it easier than ever for customer to find you.


We give restaurants access to proper menus. These are easy for visitors to filter and no trouble for you to maintain. This makes it quicker for interested people to find what they want to eat.

Integration of external services.

From reservation tools to PayPal, we can integrate external services if you need a particular function that can only be provided by an outside source.

Automated opening times.

If you have different opening times throughout the year, you can easily set this in the CMS and they'll automatically change online when you want them to.

Interactive images.

Image galleries can be so much more than what we usually see on the internet. Our galleries adapt perfectly to suit any end device, respond to touch and feel like they're part of an app.

Filter system.

You don't always need a whole portfolio, for example, to present your work. Sometimes it's better to categorise your content so that your visitors can use filters to find what they're looking for.


If you want to know how many people are taking a look at your website and where they come from, we can incorporate an analytics tool. And it's all compliant with your privacy policy, of course.

Accept payments through your website and easily manage orders using our content management system.

Online payments without monthly fees.

Turn your website into a little shop. We can include shopping carts and an order overview in our content management system.

Without monthly base fees. You'll only pay for the products you actually sell.

Do you have questions?

I don't know which plan to pick. What should I do?

No worries, we think it's really important to discuss this individually with each of our clients. Once we've established what your unique requirements are, we can work together to find the most suitable plan.

How long does it usually take to complete a website?

The development phase for one of our websites starts after you've provided us with all the content we need and usually lasts less than a week.

Why can't I purchase a plan straight through the website?

We're all about the personal touch. That's why we ask you to fill out a short client brief. We want to know what drives you and why you're so passionate about what you do.

How much notice do I have to give if I want to cancel my subscription?

We don't have a hidden notice period or anything like that. You can cancel at any time, but some of our plans have a minimum term of up to one year.

Do the designs and coding belong to me even after I unsubscribe?

The code always belongs to us. However, you can use the unique designs we've created for you wherever you want. These are yours.

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