Benefit from our full range of services and expand your websites with the functionality you actually need.

Most businesses don't really use more than about 20% of the software programs they buy, but they still have to pay for the full range of functions. To make up for this, less money tends to be spent on services like customer service and further development of the software. We'd rather put the emphasis on these core services right from the start.

From planning and implementation to the CMS that makes it easy to update content on your website. It's all included!


A detailed concept will make sure that your new website has exactly the effect you need to achieve your goals.

Direct point of contact.

Your personal project lead guides you throughout the whole process. But even after everything is done - We're here for you.

Speedy developmen.

As soon as we get the green light for a new project, it'll only take us a few days to get you online.

Web design.

Our web designs are never off the shelf. They'll reflect your brand and ideas in the best light.

Optimised for all devices.

The design of your website adjusts to each medium. From a smartphone to a full grown home computer.

Quick-loading pages.

Our websites run using a third of the usual amount of data.Therefore loading speeds are incredibly fast.


Your website will be hosted on our server and we'll make sure that it's always accessible. This server is also powered by green energy.

Compliant privacy policies.

What happens if they amend the GDPR again? No worries, we ensure that you website always complies with relevant provisions.

Whenever I've got a question, there's always somebody to talk to and they're quick to help me! Thank you so much!

Fashion Designer

Tanja Schwelling

Looking for something a little extra? Our TopUps increase the functionality of your website and it's easy to attach them onto your plan.

Product catalogue.

Whether it's a physical product, a digital good or something like an online music course; an interactive directory offering detailed product information gives visitors a quick overview of what you have to offer.

Turn your website into its very own distribution channel.

image of the admin dashboard for our customers.


Being creatives ourselves we know that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Interactive portfolios are a good choice but hard to turn into reality if you're not familiar with coding.

Let us handle this for you! We've even created a system which allows you to update your work easily afterwards.

image of the admin dashboard for our customers.

Interactive map view.

These days, networks are more important than ever before, but most businesses don't have a way of displaying their partners, recommendations or resources on their own website.

Our interactive maps help you to make your network visible so that more people can get in touch with each other.

image of the admin dashboard for our customers.


If I'm being honest, I wasn't well set up when it came to digital stuff. So, I was really happy to get in touch with the Puzzlers and have them explain everything to me. I only have the smallest website with them, but I absolutely love it. They're personable, honest and good at what they do!

Bar Owner

Maya Brox

Our modules allow you to kit out your website with interactive elements and additional information.

Multiple languages.

If you serve international customers, we can make your website available in multiple languages. You can make any changes as usual using the CMS.

Location Map.

Our implementation of customised maps will bring your unique website to another level. Making it easier than ever for customer to find you.


We give restaurants access to proper menus. These are easy for visitors to filter and no trouble for you to maintain. This makes it quicker for interested people to find what they want to eat.

Integration of external services.

From reservation tools to PayPal, we can integrate external services if you need a particular function that can only be provided by an outside source.

Automated opening times.

If you have different opening times throughout the year, you can easily set this in the CMS and they'll automatically change online when you want them to.

Interactive images.

Image galleries can be so much more than what we usually see on the internet. Our galleries adapt perfectly to suit any end device, respond to touch and feel like they're part of an app.

Filter system.

You don't always need a whole portfolio, for example, to present your work. Sometimes it's better to categorise your content so that your visitors can use filters to find what they're looking for.


If you want to know how many people are taking a look at your website and where they come from, we can incorporate an analytics tool. And it's all compliant with your privacy policy, of course.

Accept payments.

Turn your website into a little shop. Includes shopping cart and order overview. Here as well, we've also consciously homed in on the functions that are most relevant to small businesses, giving you a clear overview of what's going on.

Creating content for your own website can be a tricky thing. So, we make it easy for you.

A lot of websites are full of professional images, copy and other elements, but what happens if you don't have access to any of that? This is the case for many of our clients and that's why we offer you an easy way to get your hands on professional content.

It operates using the same philosophy that we apply to our websites: with no down payment!

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